First Customer Factory Google Plus Hangout

Google Plus Hangout LiveI held my first Google Plus Hangout live last night (Tuesday March 4, 2014) at 7:00 pm EST and had a blast!

Watch a recording below

While I ran into a couple of minor technical problems, I am very excited about this powerful communication medium and look forward to producing many more Google+ Hangouts in the future.

In last night’s hangout I presented an overview of my online marketing course, How To Build A Customer Factory For Your Small Business, which is available on, the world’s largest online learning platform.

In the next few hangouts I will go into deeper detail on each section of the course and answer questions from students.

After that the sky is the limit in terms of topics for future hangouts: email marketing, list building, sales and sales management, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, couponing, direct-response marketing, you name it.

If there is a topic or question that you feel would make for a great hangout – or that would benefit you and your business specifically – please email me. Until then, I’ll see you on the radio.

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