In Praise of Rich Harshaw and Monopolize Your Marketplace

Harshaw’s Two-Day Workshop for Home Improvement Companies Is A Grand-Slam

Rich Harshaw and Monopolize Your Marketplace

Rich Harshaw

I have just returned from a two-day Monopolize Your Marketplace workshop in Baltimore, Maryland, presented to owners of home improvement companies by Rich Harshaw, creator of the Monopolize Your Marketplace approach to marketing.

Clearly, I am not the owner of a home improvement company, but I have a great deal of personal experience in the industry as I make clear in my first book, The Greatest Job You Never Thought Of.

My client, who is the owner of a home improvement company, felt it was important for both of us to spend two days in Baltimore listening to Rich. I was skeptical of the value of the time investment but agreed to join him. I am so very glad that I did.

Why was I skeptical? First off, who wants to spend two days and one night in a generic hotel located next to BWI airport? Secondly, while I was not familiar with Rich or his message, I have attended – and presented – scores of educational events on the topic of marketing in the past and have found few (other than my own of course!) to be of significant value to the business owners in attendance.

Marketing is a complicated topic to understand and it requires a lot of work to implement successfully. We as humans try to avoid thinking too much or working too hard, especially when it comes to a topic we don’t understand in the first place. As a result, even if the information presented is correct and valuable, few attendees will go home and do anything with it.

Recognizing this, Harshaw takes a unique approach. He not only explains everything you need to know about marketing home improvement contracting services to homeowners, he also will handle the whole thing for you at a very reasonable rate. Whether you choose to implement these tools yourself or hire Harshaw and his team to do it for you – or choose to do nothing at all – is entirely up to you. As I said above, and Rich Harshaw mentioned multiple times across two days, most will enjoy the information but go home and return to business as usual Monday morning. It’s just human nature.

Rich’s teaching style is one of the biggest success factors for the workshop. How one structures their presentation can be at least as important as how they deliver it. Rich started us at a 40,000-foot overview and then brought us down into subject areas and then finally into specific topics within each subject area. Tasty, bite-sized morsels of marketing knowledge that were easy to digest.

The information was completely devoid of B.S. While very confident, Rich was not cocky or condescending. He was clear and direct. He told great stories and used wonderful analogies that made it easy to see his points and relate them to your own experience dealing with prospects in the industry.

He also introduced and explained his own theory of Accelerated Discontent which I believe is one of the most insightful explanations of marketing psychology and buying behavior that I have ever seen. Truly an “ah-HAH” moment.

And what are his “reasonable” rates? I’ll let Rich and his team explain that to you in detail. All I will say is that, in an industry like home improvement where the average ticket size is in the thousands of dollars and the gross profit margins can be quite significant, increasing your sales by double digit percentages can have an enormous impact on how much money you put in your personal bank account each month. Relative to that, your investment in Monopolize Your Marketplace is more than reasonable.

It would be impossible for me to relate to you everything I learned from Rich Harshaw over the past couple of days, so let me just leave you with this: If  you own a home improvement company and the Monopolize Your Marketplace workshop is going to be anywhere within a day’s drive of you, go see it. It will be the best investment of time and money you could ever make in the future of your firm.

Monopolize Your Marketplace


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