SoundCloud: It’s Like YouTube for Audio

SoundCloudRecord, post and share your own audio files anywhere, anytime.

I’ve just come across SoundCloud and am doing some experimentation. Below is a Radio Free Enterprise interview I did with Billy Winburn of Connect113, as hosted and presented by SoundCloud. I hope you’ll try out the player, give a listen and let me know what you think.

Radio Free Enterprise: Billy Winburn of Connect113 by FrankFelker

There are many interesting features offered by this service but perhaps the most useful is the ability to share your audio on a variety of social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

The uses for SoundCloud range from independent musicians posting their songs to podcasts like Radio Free Enterprise to politicians delivering stump speeches. You can record from your PC or smart phone and post directly up to their servers quickly, easily and at no charge.

One thing I really like about SoundCloud is the audio quality you can get out of it. This recording was originally posted on this site as a highly compressed mp3 file and the quality of the audio suffered as a result. But using SoundCloud I was able to upload an uncompressed .aif file that was almost 20x larger. The difference in audio fidelity is striking and allows me to present a better product to my listeners.

Another interesting feature is the ability of listeners to to mark different points along the timeline, make notes for themselves and offer feedback for the producer.

The player is a little clunky but, other than that, I’d say SoundCloud is a winner for this old audio guy.

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