Steve Jobs’ 1987 Vision of Computing in 2011

Computer of the Future (2011) As Conceived by Steve in 1987. Just About Right on the Button!

I found this video on the ThisIsMyNext blog – a site which I highly recommend to those who are into high-tech gadgets.

In the video we see a college professor of the future, circa 2011, organizing his calendar, doing research and communicating with a peer via a fold-out tablet computer with a digital personal assistant who performs much in the same way as Siri, the new software package from Apple that is only available on their new iPhone 4s.


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I have no doubt that Steve Jobs played a strong part in the creation of this video.

The man was not only a visionary, he was also an ass-kicking business owner who knew how to make his visions manifest, even if it took 25 years to come to pass and the product was introduced just two days before his death.

Thanks for everything Steve.

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