A Systematic Approach to Small Business Marketing

Frank Felker in 1992

Frank in 1992


Frank Felker created The Customer Factory Marketing Model in the early 1990s to explain successful Marketing fundamentals to business owners across the country.


This systematic business model presents the marketing process as a factory assembly line, with prospects coming into one end as Strangers and exiting as Clients.


That simple but powerful illustration has provided “light bulb moments” for hundreds of entrepreneurs nationwide as they came to understand that successful marketing is a process, not a single event.


In the video below, Frank explains his model to his local BNI chapter and discusses his chosen Marketing Assembly Line, Education-Based Marketing, and how it could be used by many of his fellow members to build their sales by targeting the right customers with the right information package.


How To Build A Customer Factory In 8 Minutes Or Less


Here are some thoughts from producers and attendees of
Frank’s live seminars and workshops across the country:


Frank, your presentation and meetings with us here last Thursday, 20 February were a huge success judging from all the enthusiastic feedback I’ve received. Besides the positive feedback on your presentation, it has been suggested that we employ you further in a consulting role, primarily to give feedback on our product direction. Again, thanks for the excellent work. And please feel free to use myself and Texas Instruments as a reference with prospective clients.

Texas Instruments, Dallas Texas
Jim Engiles, Marketing Manager


 I would have to say your speech made a big impact. You did a remarkable job. I feel that what you had to say was very timely, informative and was enjoyed by all. We all hope you enjoyed your visit here with us at Northwest Forest and we look forward to continuing our relationship and the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

International Center for Entrepreneurial Development, Houston, Texas
Hal B. Collins, Executive Vice President


We enjoyed having you at our meeting and appreciate that you were stubborn enough to overcome the weather hurdle. The feedback on your presentation was excellent and I hope to have you back soon. Really enjoyed getting to know you and hope our paths cross again soon.

New England Franchise Corporation, Westborough, Massachusetts
G.M. “Mike” Hostage, President


You are always one of our top speakers and I look forward to having you return again.

MultiCom Conference, Washington, DC
Geoff Lindsay, Show Manager


You did a fantastic job. Not only was the content on target and the handouts true visual aids, but you also brought it in on time! Very professional.

Printing Industries of America, Alexandria, Virginia
Shelley Goulding, Sections Manager


Very good and thorough.
Carmen Scott, GEICO Marketing

All 5s (on a scale of 1-5) Excellent!
Valerie Van Woles, World Bank

Glad that Frank Felker did this seminar.
Barbara Plattner, American Red Cross