Terms & Overview

Our Affiliate Compensation Program rewards you for bringing new clients to us who then engage us successfully for marketing services.  This relationship is governed by the general and additional terms contained in this document. By sending us referrals in exchange for any compensation you are agreeing to be bound by this agreement in full as well as our applicable Terms of Service (

Affiliates are defined as outside organizations and persons (such as consultants) who are in a position to refer prospective clients to us. 

Our current company clients who decide to become affiliates may opt for our Service Award Program (see "Option C" below), which has service benefits for their practices in lieu of cash commissions.

The Services

Our services are billed to clients on a monthly basis for a set management fee. We also provide upsell paid services including additional campaigns, and marketing via other channels.  All these come under the heading of "management fees" or "program fees." Budgets paid or passed through to Facebook or any 3rd party are not counted as management or program fees and are not compensated for under this agreement. 

Currently, we accept chiropractors, stem-cell/regen medicine clinics, veterinarians, dentists and automotive repair shops as clients.

What Sets Us Apart 

The first thing your prospects will want to know is what makes us any different than the last marketing company that failed them. 

We are the rare professionals in an industry awash in amateur marketers. 

Our founder, John Nesbit, started his marketing career serving Fortune 500 clients and has built our company with those high standards of professionalism and measurable results-based advertising in mind.

The proof is that our successful programs have helped hundreds of clients build their million-dollar (and many multi-million dollar) practices with a consistent and predictable flow of new patients. As word gets out, our client list grows year after year.

New Patients, Not “Leads”

We focus on delivering a consistent flow of QUALIFIED new patients because clients don’t want “leads”-  they want new patients. We know that if clients can't convert them to new patients, we're not really doing our job. 

ROI Without Hassles

We provide a 100% done-for-you, results-based program, where the ROI is immediate and measurable, without the need for active management by the client. Results can be expected within hours or a few days of the campaign starting.

Measure Success ONLY by Client Success

Our key service question to clients each week is: “Did you make money with our program this week?”  (That's a question most agencies would be terrified to ask!). Our production staff are measured in their job performance by the answer to that question from the client.

We Train Your Staff to Maximize Every New Patient Opportunity

We provide our proprietary New Patient Scheduler training program to clients and their staff on how to convert leads into new patient appointments. This is a common problem left unsolved by other agencies. This extremely successful training program is $2500/student when sold separately, but our marketing clients get unlimited access for their staff.

Colleague Reviewed and Approved

We have a stellar reputation and a growing number of glowing testimonials:

No Lock-In

We deliver what we promise. Thus, we don't have to trap clients with long term contracts. We’re strictly month-to-month and rely solely on earning the client's repeat business every month.  We have a very low client churn rate. 

Communication and Service

We have U.S. based Campaign Managers who personally communicate via email, phone and/or text at least weekly (sometimes daily) with every client. 

The Campaign Manager guides the campaigns and advises the client on tactics and strategy from our codified experience and results. They know how to keep the campaigns running so well that the client doesn't need to think about it. But, every client knows their Campaign Manager is always a phone call away.

We Invest in the Best

Our Campaign Managers, like all our staff, spend several hours per week training at our in-house Staff College. 

The proprietary courses are designed to help bring maximum value to every client we serve.  The standards are very high. For example, the only passing grade in our academy is 100%. 

We also have very high hiring standards including background checks, drug screenings, aptitude, intelligence and other objective testing. Only 1 in 50 people who apply qualify for a position in our company. 

It's Not Safe to Ignore HIPAA, So We Don't

HIPAA applies to medical lead generation services.  We have a posted HIPAA Compliance Officer, certify all staff in HIPAA and provide a ready-made Business Associate Agreement (BAA), proof of training, etc. to new clients automatically so they are protected with zero effort needed from them. 

Most marketing companies do not understand HIPAA and thus put their clients at risk with their willful ignorance.

Ideal Clients

We are best at helping already good practices become great.  

Experience has shown that improved marketing does not fix a poorly managed office and can even hurt it. If a client is having severe staff issues, financial difficulties or other management problems then they are usually going to struggle to capture the value our program provides.

With rare exceptions, we do best with practices that:

A.  Have been in business for at least 2 years;

B.  Have a gross income of over $400,000 per year. 

C.  Have a lifetime per patient/customer value of more than $1250 

Smaller operations often lack the personnel and experience to efficiently handle paid advertising results.  

Clients We Cannot Accept

We cannot accept prospects who are located near current clients in the same industry, as all clients are protected by an area exclusivity clause. We do maintain a “demand” list for those who want to be notified if an area becomes available. 

We also do not accept dentists who specialize in sedation dentistry nor any medical or other offices involved in any of our unsupported services (ie. cannabis, electronic brain stimulation, psychotropic medications, etc.) - See our terms of service for details ( 

Affiliate Responsibilities

Affiliates are responsible for connecting qualified prospects to our Business Development team ( 

To be eligible for commission referral information must include:

1. Full and correct contact information including their website address, and;

2. A personal introduction of some kind that results in a sales presentation within 45 days.

3. Optionally, the prospect can indicate you sent them to us before or during their service demonstration. 

Prospects must have expressed interest in services such as ours and know at least generally that The Customer Factory is a Facebook advertising agency that specializes in generating new patient appointment requests from paid advertising.  

Our business development team will contact them and endeavor to sign them up for our services. At which point affiliate compensation would be due to you. 

Affiliate Compensation

Affiliates may choose their compensation option:

Option A. Immediate payment.
A $500 commission paid on a referred client at the completion of their first month of paid service or;

Option B.  Deferred payment.
Receive 10% of our gross collections of program management fees from the client up to a total of $3000 in paid commissions (approx 1-2 years of service). This 10% is paid on the main service as well as any upsells or additional services for that client at the original location of their service. It does not apply to additional locations for the same client.

Option C. The Client Service Award option.

Clients may opt for Option A or Option B above, or may waive any commission payment and instead receive a service award on your account, good for one month's program management service fee on an additional campaign (normal cost $750).

This award must be used in conjunction with a concurrent paid main campaign and is not a cash credit on the account. Campaign Service awards expire upon termination of service.

Commission Payments

For those opting for Option A or B, commissions are paid by check. Payment reporting is done as required by US law. Payees will be required to fill out proper tax paperwork before receiving their first payment.  

It is our policy to make payments promptly when due. We have found that automatic prompt payment to affiliates generates more future referrals. 

With Option B, recurring commissions are paid monthly for all eligible net service revenue collected from the previous month.

Commission payments may be adjusted due to client refunds or chargebacks, though these are rare. 

Contact our Vice-President of Accounts at for any questions related to payments.

Eligible Referrals

Prospects you refer must sign up for paid service within 60 days of being referred to us.

We cannot pay commissions for referrals received when the person is already an active prospect with our sales department. An “active prospect” means we have presented our services to them within the last 90 days.  This restriction can be waived if you are deemed by our staff to have been instrumental in closing the prospect for services.

You must be the first affiliate to have referred them to us in the last 90 days. We do not split commissions between affiliates.

Your prospect must not have been a client of ours within the past year.

Clients who ask for, and receive, a refund or repayment on services in their first month of paid service are not commissionable. 

Under Option B. if a referred client stops paid service with us for more than 30 days and then returns to us later due to our efforts, no future commission is owed. 

Commissions can only be collected one time on the first referral of a new client. You cannot collect multiple commissions on a single client over any time frame. You may not receive any paid compensation for referring any organization for which you have any ownership or employment relationship. Consultants are fine.

Affiliate Restrictions

To be eligible, affiliates must be accepted in advance with our Vice-President of Business Development ( We prefer for our affiliates to have seen our service demonstration so they can accurately represent our services. 

Affiliates cannot make promises to prospective clients regarding revenue estimates or results. 

No inducements to become clients are allowed.  Anything that warps the relationship and is intended to increase the affiliate’s commissions without helping the client and our company is not allowed. Just play it straight with us and we will play it straight with you.

Affiliates are independent contractors and must maintain that status. Affiliates may not represent themselves to be agents, partners or staff of The Customer Factory. You may not promote our services using any kind of paid promotional methods, spam or advertising. It is expected that you are using your existing separate relationships with prospects to promote our services. 

This agreement does not grant the right to use our trademarks, service marks, intellectual property or materials in any broad promotion.  You may not assign or transfer your rights or compensations under this agreement to any other entity or person.

Our company staff, employees, or their immediate families are not eligible to be affiliates. 

Our Rights

We do well because we are willing to refuse marginal or troublesome clients. Thus, we reserve the right to reject any prospect and not pursue them as a client at our own discretion. This is usually only done if they are somehow unqualified, abusive, previously banned from service, or have strong indications that they will be a “high maintenance” or unsuitable client.

We reserve the right to drop referred clients from our service at our own discretion and for any reason. This would stop the collection of fees and thus the commissions paid on them. 

We reserve the right to discount client services, raise prices, grant free service, etc. at our own discretion and for our own business purposes. This may impact your commissions.

We reserve the right to modify this program at any time. We reserve the right to stop accepting referrals from any referral partner, but in such a case, we will continue making any commission payments honestly earned.


Program and Agreement Revisions
The company may, without notice to you, at any time, revise this agreement. The company may also make improvements or changes to or discontinue all or part of this program and/or in the products, services, or programs described in this document and/or provided by the company at any time without notice. 

Reports and Access
The program does not include creation or access to any detailed reports on clients, campaign sub-metrics including but not limited to data related to impressions, clicks, conversion rates, split-tests, etc. Participation in this program does not entitle you to access to any of the company's creative property, or materials, client lists, contact information, internal policies or financial records.

Testimonials & Case Studies
Providing us with a testimonial in any format (including a video interview) shall be deemed agreement with our talent release form which is hereby made a part of these terms of service and survives termination of services. This is applicable to yourself and anyone acting on your behalf or in the service of your organization. Additionally, you waive any intellectual property rights and protections plus include your irrevocable, unqualified and unlimited permission and full free release to publish and display any provided material in whole or in part for our own purposes. In providing a testimonial you agree that we may further create and distribute any derivative works, including case studies, that include all or part of the testimonial, for inclusion in our marketing. A case study may reveal certain aspects of your results and business practices and may include displaying your testimonial, images, and other intellectual property. You hold us harmless from all use of such materials used for any legal use. This clause survives the termination of the affiliate relationship. 

Laws and Regulations Compliance
We will endeavor to abide by all local, professional, and state regulations regarding the relationship as we understand them. However, the final responsibility and risk is yours for any legal, professional, consumer, public or other adverse consequences resulting from your participation in our affiliate program as described herein by us and to hold us, our agents, contractors, staff, and vendors harmless against any damages or claims resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, as a result of the activities under this agreement. 

Incidental Advice
We do not provide any form of management, legal, professional, financial, tax, medical, employment or business consulting under this agreement. We do not provide IT (Internet Technology) consulting or assistance. Any advice on any of these topics given during the term of this agreement shall be deemed incidental and free advice without any warranty or commercial value.

If any part of this agreement is declared unenforceable or invalid, the remainder will continue to be valid and enforceable. Section titles in this document are for convenience purposes only. 

No Waiver
The failure to enforce performance of any provision by either party shall not affect either's right to require performance at any time thereafter nor shall a waiver of any breach or default of this contract constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach or default or a waiver of the provision itself.

Entire agreement
Agreements in writing such as this are to protect both parties and to clearly define the relationship and responsibilities of each. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter. It supersedes all previous agreements and understandings between the parties. The parties agree that email is a valid notification mechanism for all activities under this agreement.

Dispute Resolution
Program participants who feel that they have been treated unfairly, did not receive what they were promised or who otherwise are upset may file a dispute with the company Claims Verification Board.  Disputes cannot be filed by underlings, employees, or anyone not acting as your legal representative. You agree that their only recourse to settle a dispute related to this program shall be via the company dispute resolution procedure as administered by the Claims Verification Board.  

Now with all the small print out of the way, let’s help each other and do some good!

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