Million Dollar Practices Rely on Quality Staff

Your staff are the backbone of a good organization. From the front desk person who sets the tone for your entire office to chiropractic assistants working directly with the patients and to even your billing person each one plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your practice.

The Doctor’s Hiring Catch 22

It can be a real challenge to hire your ideal team. First of all, you are so busy, and hiring takes time! It’s a real catch-22. You need more help in the practice so you don’t have to do it all. But since you’re doing it all, you don’t have time to invest in thorough and high-quality hiring!

This is the first barrier to overcome, to break the cycle and decide to grow your practice come hell or high water. The honest to god truth is you will not be able to grow if you do not start shedding hats to others and have them capably wear them.  

But they’d have to be good… Like real good… like a mini you who does just that one thing and takes it off your plate. If you’re going to invest the time to start finding THE person for the position you are looking to fill they have to be worth the time right?

That’s why Million Dollar Practice Builders has called in an expert. Sarah Nicole Nadler joins us on the Million Dollar Practice Builder show to break down the exact things you need to know and do in order to build up a team that will take your practice to its next level.

In this exclusive interview Sarah goes over:

  • What are the best and most efficient procedures for interviewing candidates?
  • How do you use surveys to improve your hiring process?
  • Is there a technique to make job advertisements more effective?
  • What are the most important qualities and skills you should look for when hiring?
  • How can you weed out the toxic personalities in the interview process?

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